Tablets to Watch Out For in 2014

The number of tablets has been increasing steadily and we have come to expect new ones to arrive every year. 2014 is no different and as early as January, we have gathered information as to which tablets to watch out for. Are you planning to buy your first ever android tablet or are you looking to change your old one? You might want to consider one of these.

Tablets to Watch Out For 2014

Samsung Unveils Galaxy NotePro and TabPro

The North Korean company announces their latest additions to their already rich line of android tablets. The 12″ NotePro and TabPro will be the first ones to come at such size and will be KitKat flavored.

Alcatel Joins Tablet Race with Pop 7 and Pop 8

If large tablets are not your thing, take a look at Alcatel’s Pop 7 and Pop 8. The seven-incher comes with a dual-core CPU while the eight-inch one is powered by a quad-core chip. Both tabs are reportedly priced at under $200.

$129 Q-series Tablets Released by Polaroid

Polaroid is not limited to cameras anymore as they unveil their Q-series of android tablets all reportedly priced from $129 to $179. It will be the cheapest tablet to come with android 4.4 KitKat to date.

Toshiba’s Cheap Excite 7 Revealed at CES

The 2014 Excite 7 is not an upgrade to the original one but it will be available for only $99. It will come with android Jelly Bean and a dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. Reads like a 2012 tablet if you ask me.

Massive Panasonic Tablet Boasts Super High Resolution

Do you have $6,999 to spend on a 20-inch tablet? If you do then why not wait for the Panasonic Toughpad 4k UT-MA6 to hit the stores. This is an upgrade to the original Toughpad 4k which also is a 20-inch tablet but priced a thousand bucks lower.

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